The Upside of Aging: All the Pros of Getting Older

While the thought of getting older may not be appealing to all, don’t dwell on the negative things that come with aging. Whether it’s the development of a clever mind or the freedom from work, aging can be a good thing. Believe it or not, there are numerous studies that prove there are pros to aging, so we rounded up 12 of our favorites.

  1. Grandchildren– Who doesn’t love visits from toddlers who think their grandparents are so much cooler than their parents?
  2. Free Services and Reduced Rates– Make the most of your retirement and take advantage of services that offer discounts to keep you active and engaged.
  3. More Time for Loved Ones– With the freedom of being away from work, you’ll have the time to go travel to see your son or attend your grandkid’s ballet recital!
  4. Lower Taxes– Everyone needs a break, a tax break that is!
  5. Zest for Life– According to studies, senior citizens are among the happiest groups of people due to their desire to enjoy life and live in the moment.
  6. Immune System Strength– As humans age, their immune memory gets stronger and can more easily fight off things like the common cold.
  7. Medicare– if you’re 65 and older, you qualify for a national health insurance plan. So, no matter what your financial situation looks like, you’re covered.
  8. Higher Self Esteem– As you age you become more comfortable with yourself and care a little less about what other people think.
  9. More time for Volunteering and Community Participation– Seniors can join a ladies group or volunteer at the local homeless shelter; there’s finally time to give back.
  10. Better at Managing Emotions- No need to focus on the negativity when you are living in the moment!
  11. Freedom from Work- Every day is a holiday, so take a nap or go travel the world. Happy retirement!
  12. Freedom from Child Rearing- You still love them, but now you don’t have to stress about them getting home before curfew!

There you have it! Now that you know that aging can be something to be desired, we hope you enjoy all your years to come. Talk to us today about letting us take care of you during this new senior stage of life.