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How to Help a Senior with Pre-Move Anxiety


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Everything you should do before the move to make the transition easier for your loved one.

Leaving your home behind and transitioning to someplace new is always difficult. For seniors, this transition can be especially hard as the thoughts of leaving behind their family home and their many cherished items can cause stress. Common in elders, psychologists have called the anxiety felt before moving relocation stress syndrome (RSS). Following these tips when moving your elder can help to ease your seniors pre-move anxiety.

  1. Find a home for their treasures. Be sure to find a nice place for your seniors’ most cherished items. Whether it goes to close family member or friend, just be sure to let your senior know how much someone close to them will enjoy it.


  1. Map out their new room to determine what will fit and what won’t. Planning ahead can help avoid the stress of seniors having to get rid of something they planned on having in their room or apartment.


  1. Make the space familiar. Grab wall hangings and photos that were in their house instead of buying something new. Make the place cozy with their favorite end table or comfy chair.


  1. Identify what’s important to keep and what can be donated to charity. Be sure to keep your loved one involved in the process. Don’t make packing decisions alone.


  1. Show your support. Understand that this is a difficult process for your loved one. Be considerate and patient when moving day comes.


  1. Remind your elder that adjusting takes time. While the move might happen overnight, the transition to living in a new home will take some time to get used to.

While moving to an assisted living facility might be the right decision for your elder, it doesn’t necessarily make the process any easier. Be supportive, understanding, and flexible to make the transition as smooth as possible for your senior.