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9 Summer Activities for Seniors


It’s that time of year where the warm golden sun, the fresh cut grass, and the bright blue skies beckon us all to the great outdoors. Getting outside increases your vitamin D levels which can help fight osteoporosis, cancer, and depression. So get on out there! Take advantage of the soothing summer rays. Not only will it feel good to be outside, it can prolong your life, and give you a happier peace of mind.

Here are nine activities you can do this summer!

 Picnic: What better way to spend a summer afternoon than packing a lunch, eating outdoors, and enjoying the view? You can even take your grandchildren with you. Sit on a bench in a neighborhood park and watch the children and their families having fun. Fresh air can do wonders for a soul.


Go Fishing: This can be as simple and fun as simply catching and releasing the fish. For those who have always enjoyed fishing and for those who have never tried it, it’s as simple as sitting back on a pier or pond and letting your pole do the work. Pack a lunch, grab some friends, and make a day of it, all the while communing with nature.











Walk, Jog, or Run: A nice stroll in the summer can be one of the most refreshing and peaceful activities you can experience. If your legs are not capable, no problem at all! Just getting outside, moving around, and taking in the warmth of the sun’s golden rays can keep your body, and mind, in shape.

Gardening Anyone? Do you enjoy gardening? Never tried it but want to start? If you have mobility issues that keep you from bending over, do not fret. You can plant your veggies or flowers in raised pots and flowerbeds. What are you waiting for; garden away!


Join or Start Your Own Book Club: Does your community have a book club? If not, start your own! Check with your library to see if they have one of if they, or a local church, can help you get the word out. Invite family and friends and pick book genres you will all enjoy. If that seems like too much work, you can always participate in a book club online. Check out https://media.bookbub.com/blog/2017/01/30/online-book-clubs-2017/. This website can help give you some ideas on where to start and which club to join.


Visit Museums, Art Galleries and Local Events: Look to see if there are museums or art galleries in your community. A lot of times these events are free! Look to see what community events are going on and plan accordingly. There are often local websites you can go to, such as Arthur Festivals and Arthur Illinois Events, to check on the various activities going on in your town. During the summer months, there are many fairs and church festivals to enjoy, especially the Bingo Tent!  Some art galleries and museums in Arthur, Illinois include Joan Winters Gallery, The Vault Art Bank, Douglas County Museum, and the Amish Interpretive Center.


Go to a Movie: No matter our age, one thing most of us will always love, is going to the cinema. A lot of times in the summer communities will offer outdoor movie nights. Too hot and humid? Check your local theater to see what days they offer lower ticket prices or attend an afternoon matinee which is always discounted. You can even host a movie night yourself and invite friends and family. Who’s bringing the popcorn?!


Water Aerobics: Want to make a splash this summer? If you have access to an outdoor or even indoor pool, get out there, cool down, and have some fun. Because of the buoyancy, swimming is easy on the joints, allowing you to feel relaxed and flexible. You can even attend a water aerobics class.


Bird Watch: With over 914 bird species in North America, there are a variety of birds to identify and spot. Get a pair of binoculars and check out a local library book to help you identify the various birds, and keep a notebook. They can be quite funny and entertaining to watch. You never know what you are going to see. Also, Arthur Home and Eberhardt Village even offer a bird aviary!


There are other fun summer activities and amenities Arthur Home and Eberhardt Village offer such as card club, live music, a library, and wellness groups.  Whatever you decide to do this summer, the list is endless. So, keep moving, keep learning, and keep engaging. Take time to enjoy yourself and this beautiful weather at Arthur Home and Eberhardt Village!

Importance of Activities for Seniors

Playing bingo at The Arthur Home

Playing bingo.

Activities for seniors offer far more than just pleasure. Here’s our top five reasons why seniors, and their families, should participate in weekly activities.

Nurtures Relationships

Whether it is going to bingo night, a music event or joining the Red Hat Ladies Club, it is important to meet new people, build relationships and enjoy the benefits of having a social network. Social activities and relationships help seniors stay involved and active in their communities. Developing and nurturing relationships also helps seniors defeat loneliness and isolation.

It’s just as important for the families of seniors to be involved in activities with them to keep growing their already established relationships. The amount of quality time spent with your elder is a better predictor of their psychological well-being than the amount of time spent with them.

Keep Learning

Activities present an opportunity to learn new skills and brush up on current talents. From studying a new language to learning how to play chess, there are so many new hobbies to learn and engage in. No matter their chronological age, there is always an opportunity to learn something new for seniors.

Mental Stimulation

Activities stimulate the brain. Whether it’s signing up for a cooking class, playing a game of Wii bowling, taking up crocheting or playing UNO with friends, each activity keeps the brain and body engaged. Not only are social activities enjoyable, they also keep our brain sharp. Mental exercise stimulates the brain, providing long-lasting positive effects on seniors thinking skills, reasoning skills and memory.

Social Stimulation

If seniors don’t make an effort to stay socially active, they begin to withdraw from the world and suffer physical, mental, and emotional consequences. Social activities help give seniors a sense of purpose, whether it’s simply the routine of having a schedule and a place to be or the sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching a goal. Social stimulation also helps to promote positive self-awareness. These activities may include journal writing, reading, singing groups or even reminiscing with friends.

Improve Health

According to an article published in the Journal of American Medical Association, elderly people who remain physically and mentally active significantly reduce their risk for cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Taking part in group activities and social events help elderly people maintain a sense of meaning and purpose in life, which boosts their emotional well-being.