Benefits of Independent Living and Assisted Living

Eberhardt Senior Community offers a spectrum of care options for seniors, from independent living to assisted living at Eberhardt Village, to moving over to The Arthur Home for skilled nursing assistance. When looking to take the next step, it is important to consider the level of care you or your loved one will need at their new home.

Independent Living

Independent living is for the most independent seniors looking to pass off some of the responsibilities of living out in the community. It allows for an easier transition from living in the community to assisted living or skilled nursing. The senior can get to know Eberhardt Senior Community and the staff will get to know the seniors. In the case where the senior from independent living would need to move to assisted living or to the skilled nursing facility, they would be able to move to the top of the list and receive priority status. If there was a waiting list for any other service at Eberhardt Village or The Arthur Home, they would be moved to the top of that list and receive priority care ahead of someone from the community.

Independent living offers seniors a one-level living space with no steps in the garage to the home, or from the front sidewalk through the front door. Seniors do not need to worry about snow removal, lawn care, or other types of home repair. These homes are also fully equipped with an in-home emergency alert system in case of falls or other events, and emergency services can be dispatched if necessary.

Seniors moving into independent living must be able to live independently in their new home at Eberhardt Village without additional nursing services, such as in-home help with medication. The senior has access to meals and activities at the assisted living or skilled nursing facility on campus, allowing for healthy interaction with other individuals.

Assisted Living

At Eberhardt Village, assisted living has all the perks of independent living but is great for seniors who may need some additional assistance, short of needing skilled nursing care. Assisted living can provide care with medication, meals, bathing and more. Laundry and cleaning around the living space can also be provided. Packages are offered for seniors with different levels of care based on their needs and can be upgraded at any time when the circumstances arise.

Eberhardt Village boasts a staff readily available 24/7. Other amenities include a hair salon, social activities, a private dining room and church services. Our assisted living center is conveniently located next to the nursing and rehabilitation center, with the two buildings connected by a hallway.

Benefits of Eberhardt Senior Community as a whole

Activities and social interactions with other seniors at any level of care are extremely important to their physical and mental health. At Eberhardt Senior Community, with every level of care from independent living to skilled nursing, seniors are not isolated and are encouraged to interact with others daily to keep their mind active and provide social connections they may not receive if they are secluded in the community. Families can rest assured their loved ones are in good hands at Eberhardt Senior Community.